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New Product from UnderCover- Ultra Flex- Now Accepting Pre-orders!!

It is our pleasure to announce the preorder release of the much anticipated Ultra Flex from UnderCover Truck Bed Covers
The Ultra Flex will be the premium folding cover from UnderCover Truck Bed Covers.  We are expecting/anticipating an
overwhelming demand for this product so please call us today at 1-800-365-8610!  Your friendly BMC Rep. is waiting to help.

Ultra-Flex will feature the following:

Premium Matte Black Finish
Finished Under Panel(Carpeted with Bed Rug)
Dual LED Bed Rail Lights
Saddlebag Storage
 “L” Rail for easy install and removal
Easy Tailgate- can open and close tailgate without opening the cover
Plus all of the features that the Flex currently offers
5 year warranty